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Research objectives

Weihai Jingxunchangtong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the strategy of science and technology and talents, supports independent intellectual property rights, and focuses on cultivating professional high-level technical talents. It has successively established R & D Center (Jinan) and electrochemical Laboratory (Weihai). It is a rare manufacturer engaged in the assembly of industrial gas sensors in Shandong Province. It plans to build the largest R & D center of gas sensors in Shandong Province The exhibition focuses on the research in the fields of gas science and materials science, focusing on sensors, intelligent instruments, gas modules, GIS geographic information, cloud computing, big data, AI Artificial Intelligence and other technologies to realize the comprehensive innovation of the Internet of things industry, strive to create a clear product ecology, and make all the sensors and communication products of the Internet of things into self-developed or strong supply system.

Research field

Electrochemical principle gas sensor, NDIR gas sensor, semiconductor principle gas sensor, catalytic combustion principle gas sensor, laser principle gas sensor, MEMS based principle gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, industrial gas alarm, water quality and environmental monitoring sensor, COD environmental monitoring equipment, water quality analysis instrument, agricultural environment monitoring sensor, water and fertilizer one The whole IOT includes integrated system, soil moisture monitoring sensor, agricultural intelligent management system, atmospheric environmental protection monitoring system, negative ion ozone monitoring equipment, TVOC online monitoring equipment, mining safety instruments, industrial process monitoring and control instruments, research and development and application of geographic information technology, data acquisition and monitoring system, agriculture / Environmental protection / industry / water quality / smart city management, etc Network transformation scheme, equipment, system integration, industry application and big data cloud platform.

Scientific research achievements

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By 2020, Weihai Jingxunchangtong has applied for 198 national patents, registered 35 computer software copyrights, 34 trademarks, 30 copyright schemes, and realized 340 scientific and technological achievements transformation. It has successfully demonstrated its own strength armed with the strength of science and technology. The compound growth rate of enterprise revenue in five years is as high as 1594.31%, with a rapid development rate of 150% every year. At present, its products have passed multiple inspections, passed ISO9001 quality system certification and China environmental protection product certification, opened up overseas sales channels, exported to more than 30 countries, passed the standard inspection and certification of sensor products in many countries, and showed the power of "made in China" to the world.

Exchange and cooperation

We have established the industry university research system with many domestic first-class universities and scientific research institutes, built the localization of sensor manufacturing industry based on foreign advanced industrial IOT sensor manufacturing technology, researched the production and application development of sensors and instruments with high precision, self compensation, self calibration, miniaturization, large range and low power consumption, and studied the data cloud platform's impact on the data of detection terminal Collect, analyze, process, realize cloud intelligent management, promote the high-quality development of China's industrial IOT sensor industry, and establish a comprehensive and interactive science and technology innovation ecosystem.


We will build a cloud ecosystem for the growth of all things and create a new era of intelligent connectivity of all things

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